How to be Efficient at your Menu Tasting

The menu tasting is the coveted appointment during the planning process for couples and parents. Why not? yummy food, good company and did I mention yummy food! I spoke in depth on our live video today regarding this, but here are some helpful tips!

  1. When you select your menu, make sure you do the following: submit to the catering director a minimum of 14 days prior to the tasting, select up to 5 people to attend with you, select items that you are not sure how they taste (ie venture away from chicken), select 3-4 appetizers, 2-3 salads, 2-3 entrees, 2-3 specialty drinks (these number will vary amongst caterers).
  2. Ask if there is a fee. If you have already paid a deposit to your caterer, there most likely is not a fee. If you are “shopping” a caterer, do understand there is possibly a fee. Most caterers will then apply that fee to your final bill if you decide to book them.
  3. When you arrive at the tasting, make sure you do the following: have an empty belly, wear a mask, sit at your seat, take photos of each plate that arrives to the table and be ready to comment on flavor, presentation and desire to serve your guests.

Listen to our video!

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to food:)

Virtual Cake Tasting: Been There Done That :)

As we are constantly pivoting and navigating thru COVID, we did our first every virtual cake tasting. I reached out to all the bakers we were considering. I provided the bakers with the clients selections and they had them all ready to go at the scheduled time. After driving to the different bakers, I dropped the cakes at the front door of the bride’s house. I returned to the office to log on and have the tasting. Yep, it worked. They enjoyed the cake and are currently making their decisions. So, it can be done!

Sweet 16 Backyard COVID Style

This week I was consumed with making a sweet 16 party for my daughter Emerson while keeping it COVID style with a small group of 16 year old girls for 2 hours. First, mission was accomplished. We opted for a sundaeĀ  party and watching Sixteen Candles outside (which BTW is a smidge racy according to 2020 guidelines). One would have thought there was 500 girls in our back yard from their voices. It was refreshing to hear the laughter. Our next task will be getting a drivers license:)

To customize the party for Emerson, I supplemented decor items I own with the glory of Amazon (yes, I do own the gold sequin linens and use them ALOT). I mixed crystal bowls with paper ice cream containers and plastic rose gold spoons. Yes, you can do this. We blew up 144 balloons for a balloon swag (yes, balloon decorators, you have job security) and made tissue paper flowers for center pieces. Since my kids have a significant amount of time on their hands, their labor was appreciated.

In addition, I taught myself how to do a video montage (no worries videographers, you have job security too). Although it was a bit rough, it will be a task I will work on as the it was great to see all the (what she deemed) embarrassing photos in one place and I am ahead of the ball for graduation in two years.

To me, the most important thing at an event is to make sure it is customized to the guest of honor. You might be surprised what you own already and with a little help from amazon, you can throw a memorable party!

P.S. Emerson still lets us take her photo. Emerson (blonde on the left- yes, I have a blonde hair blue eyed daughter:)) with her two besties she has known since she was an infant (and she is the last one to get a license:))

Happy Platinum-Versary

Happy 17th Anniversary Tiffany (Robinson) + Brandon Boggs on July 26 (2003). I still have the sweetest thank you note from Tiffany and Brandon and it reads: 

Dear Amy,
Thank you so much for all your help in planning our wedding! I on’t know what we would have done without all of your advice and planning expertise. My father told me that our wedding was more organized than the Battle of Hastings (why the Battle of Hastings and not the Invasion of Normandy or some other battle I don’t know) and that is in large part due to you. Thank you!
We had such and amazing time at our wedding and I can honestly say that we wouldn’t have changed one thing. The unexpected rain storm  we actually loved. The Chinese umbrellas we thought would be used for shade, instead they kept people dry. 
Thank you for taking the time to work with us!

I appreciate the kind words as well as the humor from her dad. Mostly because as a planner, you do feel like you are creating war plan to execute. 

Happy 17th to Tiffany + Brandon! and ironically, it is supposed to rain on the 26th. If it does, it is because of Tiffany + Brandon:)