If you have not read this book yet, it is a must read. Delores not only runs a successful rental business, but she simply and eloquently articulates simple strategies for living the life you deserve. I cannot recommend this book enough! My original copy is a bit worn from using at as a resource book. Order it on amazon.com at: HERE. It is the best $.98 cents you will ever spend.

From the Author herself- the Divine Ms. Delores Crum:

In recent months, while the pandemic raged about us,
Today, it’s my pleasure to introduce you my just-published book, Simple Success Strategies: Live the Life You Deserve. Starting now, and through Saturday, March 6th, you can purchase the ebook version of this impactful work for just 99 cents. For the next twelve days, you’ll pay less than a dollar for a simple to understand, easy to read, 108 pages that could help you get from where you are to where you want to be. Even if you’re in a great place, as many of you are, unless you’re “finished” learning, growing, and improving, Simple Strategies is a valuable resource for achieving the next level of professional success and personal satisfaction.

Please order your copy today, and after you’ve read it (or most of it), I’d be grateful for an Amazon review evaluating your reading experience. Your direct feedback would be welcome as well, since a book of this nature is never “done”. . Self-published books like this one are a work in progress – an effort that can be tweaked as new discoveries are made, new insights are gained and suggestions from the “reading public” are offered. The ever-evolving “story” is a never-ending project, and your input is invaluable for future refinement. If you read the first Simple Strategies iteration, the American Rental Association article attached to this email answers the question “Why Would I Read this New Book”? I hope you’ll be motivated to revisit, in light of all we’ve experienced over this past year, the PPPEEEZ Success formula, and recommit to claiming the Life You Deserve.

Thanks in Advance for your Help and Support. Stay Safe, Stay Healthy and I hope our paths cross, in person, this year.