Don’t forget about Valentine’s Day on Sunday!

Valentine’s Day can at times provide anxiety while people are preparing for it. I admit that even after 25 years, I still try to find the perfect gift with a stupid amount of meaning (all while coming off of Christmas, Wedding Anniversary and my husband’s birthday all within four weeks) to run with the insanely romantic crowd. The endless social media posts of the amazing couples who have figured this out are enamored by me. They make it look so effortless and I have to believe that it is not (although, it really might be and I just have not figured it out yet). I can say that years ago when our kids were young and going in different directions that did not allow us to be in the same place at the same time, we found ourselves in the corner booth of a Whataburger. We had 1 hour from when we dropped the kids off at their respective activities and then had to return. So, the corner booth at Whataburger has become our thing. My husband first tolerated the comments from friends when we posted on social media our Valentine’s Day at Whataburger now, he owns it proudly- like (almost too much) owns it. So whatever your thing is this weekend, enjoy the kisses, the gifts, the love, the meaning of the day and appreciate that I will be truly enjoying my Whataburger! Cheers to Love!