5 Everyday Apps for The Wedding Professional!


We hope you all had a fantastic weekend. ¬†Monday sure snuck up on us, but we’re slowly stepping into the day with a big fresh hot cup of coffee ūüôā ¬†Is there really any other way for someone to start their day?

Technology is such a huge part of our world now a days, and in the past couple of months we’ve been discovering new apps to help us get through our busy lives. ¬†We’ve got a long list, but we’ve narrowed it down to five! ¬†Check out these awesome apps to help the everyday wedding professional make their life just a tad bit easier! ¬†Enjoy!

1.  Evernote-

Evernote is a huge help to us! ¬†We store receipts, notes, reminders, and our to-do lists! ¬†You can even have work chats and share what you’ve been working on with your co-workers.

Super great tips for using Evernote )which I love!) - 20 Tips Every Evernote User Must Know by PC News

2.  IFTT-(If This Then That)

We LOVE LOVE LOVE this app!! ¬†You can pretty much do anything here! ¬†Want to link your Instagram through your Twitter, but don’t want your followers to have to follow a link?? ¬†IFTT will tweet your insta’s as a Twit pic! ¬†That’s not the only thing though! If you accept a payment through the Square app, IFTT will automatically add a row to a spreadsheet in your Google Drive. ¬†Check out this awesome app! ¬†You’ll spend hours just looking at all the recipes they have to offer.

3.  Expensify

Not only is this app great for the travelling professional, but also for ANY professional! ¬†Everyone has budgets, and tracking them isn’t always the easiest for best part of your job! Expensify makes things simple! ¬†Check it out!

Expensify: Expense Reports That Don’t Suck. Scan Receipts & Create Expenses Anywhere Seamless Quickbooks Integration

4. Tempo

I’ve recently started using Tempo as my calendar app. So far, I love it! ¬†Say you have a meeting with someone on April 1st. ¬†If they happen to be in your contacts, type their name into your calendar event and once the event is made, their phone number, FB, ¬†and LinkedIn profile will pull up! ¬†You can call/text them right from your calendar. ¬†It tells you the last time you met with that person and the next time you’ll be meeting with them! ¬†It’s the easiest way to schedule meetings, hop on conference calls and see the emails and documents related to that meeting!

Tempo Smart Calendar - Free Calendar App for iPhone and iPod - Tempo Smart Calendar is the only calendar that intelligently finds and neatly organizes everything you need for each meeting, including contacts, locations, and related emails and documents.

5.  Spotify

Of course you need some music in your crazy busy life!  We love spotify!  It helps us get pumped up for the day or unwind after a long busy day!  You can choose between genres and moods!

Keep your endurance up while exercising with our new Spotify workout playlist! #exercise #health

If you don’t already have all of these apps, I hope you download them after reading this! ¬†Also, they’re ALL FREE! Yay! ¬†Have a great Monday!

-Haley, PWE

St. Patrick’s Day Wedding Inspiration!

Happy Tuesday and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I’ve been away for awhile, for what I like to call a “Marketing Retreat”, but I’m back and ready to rock and roll! ¬†To help start your Tuesday off with a bang, and to get you in the St. Patty’s Day spirit, I put together a fabulous new Pinterest Board with a spiel of St. Patrick’s Day Wedding Inspiration! ¬†I hope you’re already following us on Pinterest, but if you aren’t, not to worry! ¬†There’s a link below that will take you there ūüôā

Here are a few pictures to give you a little taste of our awesome new board! Check it out!

Inspiration: Emerald Bridal Mood Board - Pocketful Of Dreams

Emerald and gold wedding cake

Elegant place setting with pops of #emerald  Photography: Virgil Bunao Fine Arts Photography - virgilbunao.com  View entire slideshow: Jewel Tones Wedding Moments on http://www.stylemepretty.com/collection/542/

Beautiful emerald & gold table decor & table number cards. #barijaybridesmaids #busybridejewelry

St. Patrick's Day wedding ideas #emerald #green [JJ Horton Photography for J.Leigh Events]

Emerald  Gold Wedding Tablescapes Ideas

Blooming Bouquets!

Happy Tuesday!

We are one day closer to Friday and we cannot get over how beautiful these blooming bridal bouquets are! ¬†One of the first things I look at when I walk into a wedding ceremony/reception is the floral! ¬† If the floral is good, then the wedding is bound to be a blast! ¬†Check out these fabulous bridal bouquets to get some awesome ideas for your own! ¬†Warning: ¬†Jaws will drop! ūüôā

Vibrant purple and magenta pink bouquet including spotted orchids, coxcomb, roses,

vibrant blooming bouquet // photo by Kaysha Weiner // floral design by Blue Magnolia Events

bouquet featuring sweet peas... ignore everything except the delicate, lacy little sweet peas. They give a very feminine, gardeny, ruffly look

Stunning Pink Bouquet ~ Photography by simplybloomphotography.com, Florals by camillaflowers.com

25 Stunning Wedding Bouquets - Best of 2012 - Belle the Magazine . The Wedding Blog For The Sophisticated Bride

Have you ever seen a more beautiful bouquet! Just stunning! Photography by gem-photo.com, Floral Design by lauramillerdesign.com

Peonies. I love this light purple color

Wedding Hairstyles

Do you have everything checked off your list for your wedding, except your wedding day hairstyle??  Do not fret!  We are here to help with some beautiful wedding hairstyles that we LOVE!  For more, follow our pinterest board!

My Top 10 Trendy Wedding Updo Hairstyles

Southern wedding hairstyles

22 Wedding Hairstyles You Have To Try https://www.facebook.com/grassrootsasalon?ref=hl www.grassrootsasalon.com

Photography: Amalie Orrange Photography - amalieorrangephotography.com  Read More: http://www.stylemepretty.com/2014/08/01/glitter-and-blush-winter-park-wedding-at-casa-feliz/

1623749_10151870580481426_1444356619_n.jpg 639960 pixels http://www.planningwedding.net/