Baby Blue Inspiration

Baby Blue, Light Blue, Sky Blue, Tiffany Blue…they all have a certain light and pure feeling to them.  Of course needing something blue on your wedding day invokes looking for that special piece to compliment whether an heirloom, unique find, or a gift.  But how about using those blues as an inspiration for your wedding?

We decided to see what we loved about it and give you some great inspiration that will surely beat any Monday Blues you may have had after a fantastic holiday weekend.

There’s even a band named Blue Man Group!  So it’s has to be a cool color.  What do you all think?  Light blue wedding dress perhaps?  Or that every compliment of Chocolate brown!

Have a fantastic week everyone~

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Peacock Theme Color Inspiration

Who would have thought that a color palette consisting of Peacock feather colors would be so striking!  And why wouldn’t you consider some of the colors.  We just love those jewel tones and bright true colors that come from the inspiration.

Want to take the idea a step further…why not have live peacocks at your event and make a truly memorable statement!  Better yet, head over to Green Pastures or Red Corral Ranch and they come with the venue.  Both of these Austin venues are great locations for your next event.

Check out some of our favorite inspiration shots that the team all fell in love with.  Hope you’re all having a splendid Monday 🙂



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