Summer Backyard Wedding Inspiration

Summer is just around the corner and we can hardly wait for all of the beautiful weddings that are going to take place!  If you’re planning a backyard summer wedding, here’s a little inspiration for ya!

Great idea for a summer wedding

There is something so majical about edison bulbs... Maybe we can incorporate them into our head table backdrop!

wedding receptions - mix and match vintage chairs for all seating or head table. Cylinder lights from above

What a whimsical, woodsy idea for a wedding or an early summer picnic with friends.

Never ending table

bbq party ideas decorations

Summer backyard wedding via @WeddingWire photos by Donna Von Bruening  » Intimate Summer Backyard BBQ




Unique Bridesmaid Dresses

Your bridesmaids will love you even more than they already do if you pick out some awesome, beautiful bridesmaids dresses for them to wear on your wedding day!  Choosing bridesmaids dresses can be a hard task, but we just made it ten times easier! Take a look at some of these unique bridesmaids dresses from our pinterest board.

How's this for a unique bridesmaid dress? Most adorable bridal party! Love the unique bridesmaids dresses!

Unique bridesmaid dresses  bridesmaids dresses

Short Lace Bridesmaids Dresses! And the Maid-Of-Honor has a slightly different color! Perfect!

Beautiful bridesmaids dresses

Beautiful bridesmaids dresses

Beautiful bridesmaid dresses.

beautiful bridesmaids dresses


Unique Wedding Ideas!

You have probably been to your fair share of weddings and when it comes time to plan your own, you most likely don’t want what anyone else has had!  Everyone wants their wedding to be memorable.  Well here are a few ideas to get you started! 

To add a little heat to your wedding try fire dancers/breathers! 

Instead of a DJ or cover band, what about a mariachi band?

Instead of wedding cake? A dessert truck! 

Fun games during the reception? Drinking games!