Children’s Choir for Ceremony

Kids in weddings?  The question that every family debates and decides on during the planning process.

For some people, that thought makes chills run up their spine.  For others, they embrace their inner youth by having many kids in their wedding.  Who can resist the niece or nephew in their outfits?  Who can resist their compliance at the rehearsal, and then trying something new the day of the wedding?  We personally love kids in weddings and are always on hand to give the little ones some great advise or pep-talks.  They are most often a sweet comedic relief from the internal stress the bride and others are experiencing (good or bad stress).

One of the sweetest things I have seen in a wedding is the use of a children’s choir (check out the video and hear some tunes while you continue reading!).

There is nothing more angelic than to be waiting for a ceremony to begin and listen to a children’s choir.  Most churches have their own children’s choir which you can inquire about using  and most cities have a children’s choir.  From the choir, you can see about incorporating musical instruments to add another unique element.

In Austin, we have the Austin Children’s Choir.  Don’t worry, these kids are little professionals are often from diverse backgrounds with an excellence in choral experience provided by highly trained professionals and their ages range from 6-18.  We have also had the distinct pleasure of listening to the African Children’s Choir (they do travel to Austin on occasion).  They are truly an amazing performance group, however, you need to catch them when they are in your area as they travel the world acting as the ambassador for Africa’s most vulnerable children.  So don’t be afraid to enlist the help of children at weddings.  They can be a truly wonderful addition.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!