Table Numbers

To sit or not to sit?  That is the question!  It is a common misconception that it is too difficult to figure out where people should sit and who they should converse with the day of the wedding.  Do appreciate that dinner is only about 1/4 of your wedding reception and this is an opportunity for guests to chat at a table.  Now, we are not advocates for placing guests next to each other if they just had a back break up or are secretly hooking up.  You might consider having those wonder guests be on separate sides of your room.  This is not as daunting of a task you would anticipate.  We appreciate that there are many different programs and methods for creating a guest list. However, the major issue that continuously happens is people forget to SAVE THE MOST RECENT VERSION.  Ugh.  This is quite the predicament when your guests don’t have a place to sit or your calligrapher does not create a place card because they did not receive the most updated list. If you decide to do arranged seating, make sure you allocate for some overflow as you will never know who might arrive unexpectedly!  Here are some fun table number ideas to enhance the decor of your table.

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