Wedding Party Dance/Flash Mob

What do you want your guest to remember on your special day?  It could be anywhere from the love that is shown to a memorable unscripted moment.  Those details that sometimes are not scripted are the ones that last a lifetime.

Well, how about the ones that are scripted, and you may or may not be involved.  Yes we’re talking about the Flash Mob craze!  You can hop over to YouTube and find any number of wedding moments that made their way onto YouTube.  But is that your goal?  Are you the guest that can rally the troops to surprise the guest of honor?  Are you the bride or groom that can coordinate and keep it hush-hush?  Even at a Mitzvah, can you and your friends surprise the crowd?

OK, so we have all seen the videos on YouTube with synchronized dancing by the groomsmen (and this is definitely memorable!!), or the Bride and her Dad in a choreographed dance, or a Flash Mob by your guest.

Well, would you be daring enough for a Flash Mob Wedding?  This is truly a unique and creative twist on a wedding ceremony.