Wedding Party Dance/Flash Mob

What do you want your guest to remember on your special day?  It could be anywhere from the love that is shown to a memorable unscripted moment.  Those details that sometimes are not scripted are the ones that last a lifetime.

Well, how about the ones that are scripted, and you may or may not be involved.  Yes we’re talking about the Flash Mob craze!  You can hop over to YouTube and find any number of wedding moments that made their way onto YouTube.  But is that your goal?  Are you the guest that can rally the troops to surprise the guest of honor?  Are you the bride or groom that can coordinate and keep it hush-hush?  Even at a Mitzvah, can you and your friends surprise the crowd?

OK, so we have all seen the videos on YouTube with synchronized dancing by the groomsmen (and this is definitely memorable!!), or the Bride and her Dad in a choreographed dance, or a Flash Mob by your guest.

Well, would you be daring enough for a Flash Mob Wedding?  This is truly a unique and creative twist on a wedding ceremony.

Citrus Lime Color Inspiration

Keeping with just having seen green for St. Patrick’s Day recently, why not talk about Lime Green!  Lime green accents around your big day make for stunning centerpieces and bouquets.  They also can make a great bridesmaid dress color, either all in Lime Green, or a mix of colors.  Some great accents to go along:  Citrus Orange, Bright Red, Mint, Purple, Citrus Yellow, and dare we say Hot Pink…

Here’s to a great Spring Monday!  We are so happy spring is here, colors can be so vibrant this time of year!  What lime green is your favorite?

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Antique Getaway Cars

There comes a point and time that you and yours are ready to go!  You may be jetting off on your honeymoon, ready to get out of your attire and relax, or head to the after-party!  Either way, how are you leaving the event?  Are you at a historic location, a swanky hotel in downtown, or a winery you and yours love?  Each location lends itself to a great getaway car.  And what better way to create that final design statement at your wedding than by the car that you and yours leave in!

Who wants to have a friend and his Honda Civic drive you both off after a wonderful and romantic night?  We won’t deny that limos are always going to be a classic and elegant way to roam around town the night of your wedding, but what if…

Is your location historic? Find the year it was built and find a car to match the era (Rolls Royce anyone?).

Maybe a distant family member had a car back in the day that is now one of the great classics, what a better way to honor or remember them.

For added bonus, use the car all night from arriving at the ceremony to leaving that night.

And for one more touch, did you consider Trolley’s for moving guest around town?

Here are a couple of favorites here in the Austin area for rentals and needs at your next event!  Better yet, we can take care of arranging all your needs.  Give us a shout!  How are you leaving your next event?

Antique Limousines of Austin
Classic Ride Limousines
Austin Trolley Co.

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GoBo Lighting

Lighting is a must at any event.  To capture those details you work so hard to pull together, lighting is the final touch.  Lighting is needed to change the ambiance of a space, highlight centerpieces, or create an element of surprise.  And that is where a GoBo can come into your design.

Your GoBo design can be pulled from the entire process of planning.  From your initial announcement with a ‘Save-the-Date’, The official Invitation, and all of your stationery comes a similar theme, so why not add in a custom GoBo that greets guest and creates an amazing personal touch.

GoBo’s can be something to greet your guest above a sign in table,

a backdrop in the room (wall, ceiling, or both!),

or set the dance floor up for you and your friends to dance the night away…

GoBo’s can be Black & White, Grey-scale, or Color.  Ask your professional lighting company or DJ if they have a gobo projector and the equipment to bring out.  And make sure to get the proper sizing from their equipment to custom your gobo. There are common sizes to gobo’s, as well your lighting or DJ may have the information needed to get that custom GoBo for your big day.  Happy Lighting!


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Redbird Skyport Hanger

Are you needing to find that “WOW” factor for your next event?  Want to show your guest something new and unexpected?  Why not check out Redbird Skyport in San Marcos.  Located within the Municipal Airport in San Marcos.  This hanger has it all for your next event.  Platinum Weddings and Events and other event industry people in the area got a chance to get a tour and information on this space recently, and what a great space it is.

Redbird Hanger

With a blank slate, there is just about anything you can do!!  The main hangar has about 10,000 Sq. Ft. of workable space.  How does that translate to guest count?  How about 300 of your closet friends for dinner and dancing.  Or 450 for a cocktail launch party.  The possibilities are endless in this space.  And I haven’t even mentioned the fact of tenting right off the hangar door to create an additional element and space.

Some really cool features to talk with the Redbird Skyport crew is their flight simulators.  There are 3 different types in their Flight school that can be used at your event.  You can even make a competition out of it 🙂

Redbird Flight Simulator

Also check out the 5 Redbird planes that are sitting around the space and can be incorporated into your overall design .

Redbird Plane

Check out a few more images from the hangar itself!  Premiere Party Central brought in the rentals for the afternoon to compliment the Redbird space and concept.  Also check out a few ideas we found that are great compliments to any hanger (including Redbird).

Need design help?  Contact Platinum Weddings and Events for your next Wedding, Mitzvah, or Launch Party and one of our team members can help you put together some great design elements to make that “WOW” factor!

Pictures: Airplane Entrance to Dinner, Baker Hangar Event, Dinner with the Shuttle, Food Display with Shuttle, Hangar Dinner, Hangar Space with Band, Parachute Ceiling Decor