The Horah is The Best!

One of the most amazing events to witness at a wedding reception is the Horah. The bride and groom as well as parents will put their lives in the hands of groomsmen + guests who have been consuming their favorite alcoholic beverages by being hoisted up in banquet chairs while being raised up and down to the beat of the music. Meanwhile, guests form layers of circles that go in clockwise and counter clockwise directions. It is truly magnificent and guests just “know what to do”. As a planner, you need to navigate through the enthusiastic guests to make sure there is a chair with handles, a napkin and all the honored guests in place. It definitely is survival of the fittest:)¬† My job then entails standing on chairs to make sure no one gets trampled when the music speeds up and to take a cue from the bride when to end it. The longest Horah I have ever done was 24 minutes. IT. WAS. FANTASTIC! Photographers have to get in the thick of it to capture these insanely wonderful memories. What I most appreciate about these photos that Darcie Siiteri at Innovative Photography snapped was Mr. Golden not even holding on to the sides (I am sure if he fell off the chair, he would have body surfed through the crowd), but Mrs. Golden was her normal graceful self immensely enjoying this special moment. Mrs. Webster’s smile just got bigger and bigger as her time on the chair went on. Pure Magic!