Wedding Pet Peeves.. What is Yours?

Wedding Pet Peeve: Something that a particular person finds especially annoying at a wedding….

Mine: Buffet Lines. Guests come to a wedding all dressed up, eye lashes that have applied and reapplied 4 times, Spanx sucking in every part of their body, wearing amazing matching shoes that allow their toes to go numb and they are requested to go stand in line to get food like an elementary cafeteria line. Although some vendors feel by dismissing table by table works, we all know that works for the first 5 tables. Then, it is a mad rush to get in line. My grand mother referred to it as the “Piggies going to the trough”. We all know that guests who come to a wedding have not eaten in 10 days. A great alternative to a plated dinner (because a bridal couple feels this is too “stuffy” and there is “not enough food”) is family style. Let these women sit uncomfortably in peace while shoveling the amazing food into their mouths:)

What is your pet peeve as a guest or a vendor who works at a wedding? Time to share!

FYI- This was an actual photo from a wedding I attended and the food was served family style. These shoes were the spawn of Satan. I actually had to keep shifting the weight of my body because they were that painful:) I did change into cowboy boots when I realized my two daughters were much smarter than I was. Painful memory captured by Geoff Duncan

Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 12.06.41 PM