Tall Ceilings: What to do?

I LOVE tall ceilings. Clients might not like the price of tall ceilings, but it is not impossible to make a cavernous room look intimate. The Driskill Hotel in Austin hosts many weddings and social events on their mezzanine floor. The exquisite pillars, high ceilings and marble floors are breathtaking but can feel like an obstacle to decorate with. Although the floor plan set ups are not infinite and there are obstacles with decorating a historic hotel, for years couples have made this space their own. Cathryn and Chris, along with David Kurio Designs (florist), FILO Productions (lighting) and Premiere Events (rentals), created focal points in this room. The cake was centered between the four pillars (over the “D” as we say) and exquisite lush florals were suspended above the table down the center of the room in these photos captured by Jennifer Lindberg Photography. The guests were treated to a warm, cozy, intimate atmosphere, but not at the expense of the insane party that lead us into a memorable evening with DJ Gatsby. Don’t be afraid of tall ceilings or cavernous spaces. When utilized the correct way, it will be an intimate affair.