Having an Event, Covid Style!

Weddings and Events are doing a slow roll out. How do you make your guests feel comfortable while keeping with the spirit of your event? We have found some things for you to consider:

Custom Masks: One amazing thing about the event industry is the ability to have just about anything customized. SO, why not the masks! There are many options out there on Etsy (of course, that marketplace jumped in head first) as well as various printing companies like Vista Print, Get Your Covers, Discount Mugs, Zazzle or Custom Ink. Although 6 months ago, it was never a thought to do masks, time to jump on the train and get them personalized:)

During this time, we all realize that we are “all in a different boat but all in the same storm”. Therefore, it is going to be challenging to navigate guests personal reaction to “touching” at events. I found this photo online and kudos to whoever did this. I absolutely LOVE it! If you use these wristbands, it allows guests to know the comfort level of who they are interacting with at the event. You may order these types of wristbands at 24 hour wristbands, wristband express or wristband express.

Perhaps you would like to incorporate Event Scan into your event. The FDA-Approved choice for COVID-19 prevention is now available nationwide.  It’s time to bring live events back to our communities and EventScan© provides event clients with a safe & secure environment for their social gathering.  The EventScan© system includes digital thermal testing, contact tracing, security integration and liability waiver processing.

As we proceed forward in this industry, it is extremely refreshing to know that companies are working diligently to make the transition as accommodating as humanly possible!