Austin Caterers Working Together

COVID has forced many of us to analyze life, personal and professional. As I have said, I have found myself learning and doing new things as it is quite apparent that the wedding industry is on “life support”.  At times it is challenging to dig deep to find the silver lining, however, there always is one.

I received an email (like many of you) from a group of Austin Caterers who are collaboratively working together. The document they sent out was “Austin Caterers Promise”.  It is refreshing to see an industry of competitors gather, collaborate and inspire each other to keep their livelihood moving forward.

Thank you to Austin Catering, Catering with a Twist, Contigo, Crave, La Pera, Peached Tortilla, PEJ Events, Pink Avocado Catering, Primizie Catering, Rosemary’s Catering and Royal Fig for being an example of professionalism and unity in this industry.