How to be Efficient at your Menu Tasting

The menu tasting is the coveted appointment during the planning process for couples and parents. Why not? yummy food, good company and did I mention yummy food! I spoke in depth on our live video today regarding this, but here are some helpful tips!

  1. When you select your menu, make sure you do the following: submit to the catering director a minimum of 14 days prior to the tasting, select up to 5 people to attend with you, select items that you are not sure how they taste (ie venture away from chicken), select 3-4 appetizers, 2-3 salads, 2-3 entrees, 2-3 specialty drinks (these number will vary amongst caterers).
  2. Ask if there is a fee. If you have already paid a deposit to your caterer, there most likely is not a fee. If you are “shopping” a caterer, do understand there is possibly a fee. Most caterers will then apply that fee to your final bill if you decide to book them.
  3. When you arrive at the tasting, make sure you do the following: have an empty belly, wear a mask, sit at your seat, take photos of each plate that arrives to the table and be ready to comment on flavor, presentation and desire to serve your guests.

Listen to our video!

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to food:)

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  1. Luca Fiorini says:

    The food that you arrange or the menu that you have for your event makes it the best for your event to be a great one. An awesome menu makes it a cherry on the cake. A delicious menu makes your event a grand success. Therefore it becomes necessary to choose a proper menu for your event.

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