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“It does not matter what you wear on your feet on your wedding day because no one sees your feet anyway”. This is a common statement I have heard over the years and while there is a small truth to it (15%), the reality is that people do see your shoes. When a wedding gown is altered the correct way, the front help should be touching the top of the shoe. This will allow the bride to walk and not have to constantly lift up her gown when she is walking. When a seamstress tells a bride otherwise, I want to send them videos of the bride tripping on her gown or getting her ring caught in lace because she is constantly having to “Spiderman” maneuver her gown to not trip on it. Therefore, the shoe is seen. It is not a secret that I have a love|hate relationship for shoes. I have commented before that I will jam my foot and squeeze my toes in an uncomfortable pair of shoes if they are the right pair to wear with an outfit. When it comes to wedding shoes, I am no different.

I love pretty shoes (sandals, flats, wedges, sneakers, boots, stilettos etc). I love photos of pretty shoes that photographers capture in the detail shots.

I love when a bride expresses her personality through her shoes. Whether you are a Kate Spade New York Glitter Keds, Bella Bell Great Gatsby Annalise Blue Sandal, Ariat Pearl Cowboy Boot, Badgley Mischka Ever After, Bella Belle Great Gatsby Annalise Blue wedge, Jimmy Choo Viola Crystal Sandal, Toms Pink Wedding Day Flat, Manolo Blahnik- Sex and the City Royal Blue heel, or Kate Spade Bridal Bow kind of person, enjoy shopping for the wedding shoes that are YOU! (and don’t forget to pack flip flops to wear the next day!)