Personal Items Bride’s Forget on Their Wedding Day

Every bride makes lists upon lists upon lists. The lists are endless, so HOW is it possible that something is forgotten at home? Well, it is actually quite easy. It is similar to me walking out of my house knowing my purse and phone are on the counter. I grabbed my purse and left my phone. They were RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER!

These are the top personal items that are forgotten (and if you have a planner, she might not have these items in their emergency kit):

  1. Marriage license and Jewelry: WHAT! YES! Typically these items are in a safe and that is why they are forgotten.
  2. Ear Plugs, not Ear Buds: When you are having hair and make up done with a hairdryer blowing in your ear, ear plugs are a must. Sometimes you just need to dumb down the noise.
  3. Phone Charger + Battery Pack: Sometimes outlets don’t work and if your charging cord is going to die, it will be the wedding day.
  4. Separate Luggage Bag for Honeymoon Night: Make it easy on your planner or maid of honor where they can just grab one bag to put in the getaway car (not this bag here, these shoes there, phone somewhere etc.)
  5. Personal Water Bottle: Hydrate-Hydrate-Hydrate and don’t rely on bottles of water to be provided. They tend to go missing. Purchase a white hydroflask so everyone knows it is yours!