Kelsea + Emery Celebrate their 2nd Platinum-versary

Happy 2nd Platinum-versary to Kelsea Janak + Emery Hiebert!
What I will remember most about Kelsea and Emery’s wedding is water:) From the very being part of planning, Kelsea wanted to be married by water. The final location was Galveston, Texas.  The night before the rehearsal dinner, there was flooding in Galveston. The ceremony lawn was under water along with the streets. It was incredible. Jesus took the wheel:) The ground was wet the day of the wedding (covered by a rug), and chairs were strategically placed.  During the ceremony, we needed water so the could wash each others feet (biblical reference). Following the ceremony was a quick trip to the ocean for photos and yes, the wedding gown went in the water. It was truly romantic and some of my most favorite photo sessions!