GoBo Lighting

Lighting is a must at any event.  To capture those details you work so hard to pull together, lighting is the final touch.  Lighting is needed to change the ambiance of a space, highlight centerpieces, or create an element of surprise.  And that is where a GoBo can come into your design.

Your GoBo design can be pulled from the entire process of planning.  From your initial announcement with a ‘Save-the-Date’, The official Invitation, and all of your stationery comes a similar theme, so why not add in a custom GoBo that greets guest and creates an amazing personal touch.

GoBo’s can be something to greet your guest above a sign in table,

a backdrop in the room (wall, ceiling, or both!),

or set the dance floor up for you and your friends to dance the night away…

GoBo’s can be Black & White, Grey-scale, or Color.  Ask your professional lighting company or DJ if they have a gobo projector and the equipment to bring out.  And make sure to get the proper sizing from their equipment to custom your gobo. There are common sizes to gobo’s, as well your lighting or DJ may have the information needed to get that custom GoBo for your big day.  Happy Lighting!


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