Antique Getaway Cars

There comes a point and time that you and yours are ready to go!  You may be jetting off on your honeymoon, ready to get out of your attire and relax, or head to the after-party!  Either way, how are you leaving the event?  Are you at a historic location, a swanky hotel in downtown, or a winery you and yours love?  Each location lends itself to a great getaway car.  And what better way to create that final design statement at your wedding than by the car that you and yours leave in!

Who wants to have a friend and his Honda Civic drive you both off after a wonderful and romantic night?  We won’t deny that limos are always going to be a classic and elegant way to roam around town the night of your wedding, but what if…

Is your location historic? Find the year it was built and find a car to match the era (Rolls Royce anyone?).

Maybe a distant family member had a car back in the day that is now one of the great classics, what a better way to honor or remember them.

For added bonus, use the car all night from arriving at the ceremony to leaving that night.

And for one more touch, did you consider Trolley’s for moving guest around town?

Here are a couple of favorites here in the Austin area for rentals and needs at your next event!  Better yet, we can take care of arranging all your needs.  Give us a shout!  How are you leaving your next event?

Antique Limousines of Austin
Classic Ride Limousines
Austin Trolley Co.

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