Relationships are Essential for Small Businesses

There are times in your life where you are presented with unique circumstances. It is amazing that we are all in different chapters of the same story. Since our last post, life has changed dramatically and treading water became the norm for a couple of weeks. The emotional uncertainty and disappointment has taken its toll on almost everyone I know. The wedding industry is comprised of small businesses who find it paramount to live their passion and share it with others. When I reflect on the past 23 years of doing this in Austin, I am humbled to reconnect with the passion and the “amazingness” I have had the honor to experience.

So, Tell Me Something Good! I look forward to sharing photos and experiences of amazing events I have been a part of. In addition, I will add my commentary regarding why it was so memorable. This reset is allowing me to get back to why this all started. Enjoy!

The first photo will be from 1999. Josh Wilkinson with Penquin Entertainment was the first DJ I worked with in Austin. We both were a bit apprehensive of the others job (mostly because the stigma was wedding planners did not do anything and DJ’s were terrible). However, after that first event, a common respect was formed and it was the beginning of an incredible ride. Big hair, little hair, kids, graduations, marriages, weddings, events, and laughter. Relationships are essential in this business and I am fortunate to have encountered this one.