Videos for Business: How to Start?

I have recently come into contact via webinars with who is now one of my favorite British people-Kelly Mortimer ( A close second is Leanne Hainsby from Peloton. Her personality is infectious and absolutely a breath of fresh exciting air. 

I attended her free webinar (yep, I said free because it was) regarding Video Secrets for Social Media Success. I have always been somewhat paralyzed with social media. It always seemed like a big beast that I had no idea how to tame. Let’s face it, I am definitely an opposite side of the brain thinker when it comes to technology. I would rather be working with clients and seeing their immediate reactions to what we create. Therefore, during this quarantine, I forced myself to not rely on others for my companies social media needs and put on my big girl panties to figure it out. You may already know this, but if not, here is what I took away from it.

During Kelly’s webinar she discussed the following points:
1. People buy People. Do videos to they get to know you. 
2. Just begin doing it. Don’t let fear stop you. 
3. Do not use a script but use key points to keep your video on task. 
4. Be Authentic. No one expects perfection. (yeah, the first video I did the camera was the wrong set up). 
5. Do videos alone. Don’t make it a circus by adding people. 

Kelly’s helpful formula to video success:
1. Hook- What makes them want to stay
2. Intro- No one cares about you:) really, they want free information.
3. Good Content
4. Call to Action- Not always a sale (I am still working on this one. 

Here was the first video that I did (and yes, I am continuing to learn alot).

Video 1: The top 10 things I use at an Event from our Emergency Kit