Size Does Not Matter when Planning an Event..Really, It Does Not:)

Life has significantly changed. We get it. The event industry is slowing beginning to open back up. Restrictions are in place, out of place, in place with many questions still unanswered. We appreciate the scope of all events has been adjusted. However, size does not matter. Your planning process, creative outlet and ability to have fun will create amazing memories for you and remain our priority. We are here to help just as before. We look forward to thinking outside every single box we have to find the event that you want now and best fits your needs. Your needs now just be an hourly consultation, or perhaps request guidance for how to navigate your event on a different scale, or how to bring technology into your event, or how to effectively spend your money, or still throw a big bash virtually without missing a beat. We are here for you to challenge us and make your event, YOUR event!