Where we stand during this insanely unfortunate time…..

The past weeks events have been insanely appalling. It is challenging to articulate succinctly into words my thoughts (without using curse words). Today I received a tweet from my son’s college baseball team (well, the athletic department) that is worded incredibly well and would like to pass on. Great job UMass Boston Beacons!

In addition, I allowed my thoughts to go to “What can be done”?. As with most things, we need to get back to the basics. I was reminded of one of my favorite quotes from the author Robert Fulgrum:

Robert Fulgrum “Everything I Needed to Know I Learned In Kindergarten”

These deeply concerning events are being shared with people who are constantly making terrible decisions. We are better than this. Acts of kindness and generosity will help us navigate to a better place. To quote Ghandi “Be the change you want to see in this world”. Be kind, Be Awesome and always do the right thing.