Worthy Webinar Amy Attended on Social Media

This webinar was hosted by American Express and was a presentation titled “Social Media in a Changing Business” from Clay McDaniel, CEO of RIPL.

Here are my takeaways from this webinar on social media:
The owner must be engaged. You are the passion of your business and your best asset on social media. 
More than half of your business is driven by how they remember you. 
Social media should be done every day. Don’t be every where on line at once. Double down in the areas where you know your clients are.
Five tips to successful postings
1. Daily presence
2. Keep information content and current. Right now, make it helpful information. Be the first place to provide news. 
3. Use your best practice to foster a community
4. Celebrate your customer base
5. Provide gifts of kindness

Social media is your new store front. People are looking for insurance. Show them what is happening behind the scenes. They are looking for authenticity. Provide them with updates of what you are doing and what is happening. 

What has stayed the same? 

  1. People staying positive: People need good news and you need to be a source of optimism
  2. BIO | Images | Logo of your business needs to be consistent through all your social media accounts. Take the time to do it now. Take pride in how you “show up”.
  3. Posts need to be speedy, personal and direct.

RIPL plug:) Yes, everyone who speaks is allowed to do a plug! RIPL has built software design tools that caterers to small businesses.

  1. Simple + fun- owner can be in control of designing your images
  2. Personalized templates- which takes the hard work and guessing off the back of the small business.
  3. Helps to make or enhance your professional online look.

Social Media Quick Start Tips:

  1. Focus on 1-2 media channels- 2 weeks every day to post and engage
  2. Use a software tool to make your posts look great
  3. Celebrate your customers. Give the gift of appreciation and love. The more you give the more you will receive back.

Valued Engagements:

  1. 5-15 second videos as it provides you a healthy presence
  2. images must be bright primary colors- your logo should overlay not dominate
  3. ask questions to invite people to respond. ask attendees to tag a friend who they know who would like your post:)

Chew on this for a while!

Happy Thursday:)