Sweet Summer Drinks

At this current moment, it is over 100 degrees in Austin, Texas. It is almost too hot to think about anything, let alone forming coherent thoughts to share with you. As luck would have it, I went to get my cotton mouth hydrated (intention was for water) and saw in my fridge a Might Swell (spiked seltzer from an Austin based company- yes, support small businesses:)). I stuck a straw in it, and became inspired (and of course Dexter the dog is in the photo).

People love yummy fancy beverages to hold. They can walk around with them or simply appreciate the ones that are aesthetically displayed. Either way, especially in the sweltering Texas heat when everyone is “sweatin’ like sinners in church”, drinks can be a focal point of an event. From floating fruit and savory accompaniments to flowing flags and designer straws, guests will instagram your drinks like crazy. A large impact for a small financial contribution.

Here are some of my favorite drink options and yes, they would be thirst quenching right about now!

Next time you host a party, add a little “something, something” to your drinks!

Stay Cool!