Happy 14th Anniversary Missy + Jack Zinda

Happy 14th anniversary Missy (Raundales) + Jack Zinda! Nope, this sweet couple hasn’t aged either. 

When I met Missy and Jack, I knew I had to work on their wedding. Missy’s energy and ideas were flowing and Jack was 100% on board to make it happen (even though he was in law school). From the very first meeting, I knew this was going to be a memorable adventure. The Driskill Hotel is the location they selected for their event. They kept the integrity of the venue and enhanced it with a monochromatic pallet of golds and creams.  When we added Missy’s parents into the mix, we were able to take the event to the next level. 

The most memorable thing I remember about this wedding is their close knit family. There were so many relatives  and friends who were wanting to assist with events and be part of the wedding. The bonus was that they actually did the jobs they were given. Every sing person was so excited for Missy and Jack to be married.  They laughed, talked over each other, laughed more, talked more and I was honored to be part of it. Families make events so incredibly memorable.

Jack opened his law practice and they are currently raising their two kids here in Austin.