Inclusivity In The Wedding Industry Presentation

Greetings all-

Time to share some information:) I attended the diversity presentation hosted by Wedding Network Texas and given by Jenna Avery of Creatix Photography. Wow. I was writing so fast because there was a a ton of information so here we go:) If i miswrote something, don’t shoot the notetaker. It was an info packed presentation.

  1. There are over 80 recognized genders. Declare that you are divers on your social media.
  2. Your brand reflects your believes, and these should be on your front page. List pronouns in your signature.
  3. Remove “bride and groom” completely and replace with “couple”. A suggestion is to reference “dress wearers” or “suit wearers”.
  4. Make sure you add you are LGBT friendly on your website. Visit the wedding blog equally wed and state “we focus on inclusivity and are LGBT friendly”.
  5. Establish boundaries and preface with “are you?”
  6. If you are 100% female operated, list that.
  7. In your gallery, every 4 photos should be a diversity photo.
  8. Remain consistent with your message.

These were 8 HUGE takeaways from this incredible presentation. To find out more about Jenna Avery, visit her website at