Wedding Pro Seminar: Crushing Content Creation to Gain Exposure

This seminar was hosted by Vanessa Joy ( or @vanessajoy. There are three types of content: Photos, Videos and Text.

Task 1: Write the text: 3 hobbies, 3 biggest fears, 3 biggest dreams, 3 tips for couples, 3 expert advice hacks or 1 about me.

Use text for Instagram and Facebook captions, tiktok/reels, blog posts and update your website.

Task 2: Organize Photo Ideas: works pace, hobbies, staff photos, products, behind the scenes.

Use photos for Instagram/ facebook posts and stories, tiktok reels, youtube video slideshows, blog posts and update your website.

Task 3: Videos: tips for couples, about business, expert advice, workplace tour, product showcase.

Use videos for instagram/carousel posts (top right corner), facebook posts and stories, tiktok reels, you tube videos, blog posts and websites.

Streamline your video creations. Remember to move locations as little as possible, change outfits, make at least one video per outfit, take closeups and wide shots, its not about getting the perfect shots, it is about getting alot of them. For a posing guide:

Remember that: we know algorithms stink, your clients cycle, everyone has favorite platform, consistency and repetition is good branding.

Tools to use: (free version), animoto (mobile and desktop) light room, presets (