Happy 22nd Birthday to Noah!

22 years go my son was born. I was a small business owner and was just not sure how I was going to navigate my business as well as being a new mom. I worked when he napped and my husband came home from work as I left the house to do evening appointments. I followed those evening meetings with late nights. However, I appreciated the days at the park and spending my days with him.
There were times he would ride around for pickups and deliveries an yes, there were times my perfectly planned schedule BLEW UP and he went to a client meeting with me. Those clients were incredibly kind and indulged my predicament. We had a Woody (Toy Story) back pack filled with plastic baseball player figurines, PlayDoh, markers, polly pockets, apple juice and goldfish crackers. There were times I was perplexed, but we figured it out. We got in a groove and I used the same approach with my other two daughters.

Now, he is in Boston and I find myself craving those moments.
I have had the honor of being able to be with my kids and being able to work my schedule around their worlds. Sure, life required an infinite amount of patience as well desire to make it work.
It appears I have learned much more about being the best version of my self because of his existence and I continue to admire him.
Happy 22nd Birthday Noah!