Happy 22nd Birthday to Noah!

22 years go my son was born. I was a small business owner and was just not sure how I was going to navigate my business as well as being a new mom. I worked when he napped and my husband came home from work as I left the house to do evening appointments. I followed those evening meetings with late nights. However, I appreciated the days at the park and spending my days with him.
There were times he would ride around for pickups and deliveries an yes, there were times my perfectly planned schedule BLEW UP and he went to a client meeting with me. Those clients were incredibly kind and indulged my predicament. We had a Woody (Toy Story) back pack filled with plastic baseball player figurines, PlayDoh, markers, polly pockets, apple juice and goldfish crackers. There were times I was perplexed, but we figured it out. We got in a groove and I used the same approach with my other two daughters.

Now, he is in Boston and I find myself craving those moments.
I have had the honor of being able to be with my kids and being able to work my schedule around their worlds. Sure, life required an infinite amount of patience as well desire to make it work.
It appears I have learned much more about being the best version of my self because of his existence and I continue to admire him.
Happy 22nd Birthday Noah!

Wedding Pro Seminar: Crushing Content Creation to Gain Exposure

This seminar was hosted by Vanessa Joy (youtube.com/vanessajoy) or @vanessajoy. There are three types of content: Photos, Videos and Text.

Task 1: Write the text: 3 hobbies, 3 biggest fears, 3 biggest dreams, 3 tips for couples, 3 expert advice hacks or 1 about me.

Use text for Instagram and Facebook captions, tiktok/reels, blog posts and update your website.

Task 2: Organize Photo Ideas: works pace, hobbies, staff photos, products, behind the scenes.

Use photos for Instagram/ facebook posts and stories, tiktok reels, youtube video slideshows, blog posts and update your website.

Task 3: Videos: tips for couples, about business, expert advice, workplace tour, product showcase.

Use videos for instagram/carousel posts (top right corner), facebook posts and stories, tiktok reels, you tube videos, blog posts and websites.

Streamline your video creations. Remember to move locations as little as possible, change outfits, make at least one video per outfit, take closeups and wide shots, its not about getting the perfect shots, it is about getting alot of them. For a posing guide: bit.ly/posejoy.

Remember that: we know algorithms stink, your clients cycle, everyone has favorite platform, consistency and repetition is good branding.

Tools to use: later.com (free version), animoto (mobile and desktop) light room, presets (presets.breatheyourpassion.com).

Inclusivity In The Wedding Industry Presentation

Greetings all-

Time to share some information:) I attended the diversity presentation hosted by Wedding Network Texas and given by Jenna Avery of Creatix Photography. Wow. I was writing so fast because there was a a ton of information so here we go:) If i miswrote something, don’t shoot the notetaker. It was an info packed presentation.

  1. There are over 80 recognized genders. Declare that you are divers on your social media.
  2. Your brand reflects your believes, and these should be on your front page. List pronouns in your signature.
  3. Remove “bride and groom” completely and replace with “couple”. A suggestion is to reference “dress wearers” or “suit wearers”.
  4. Make sure you add you are LGBT friendly on your website. Visit the wedding blog equally wed and state “we focus on inclusivity and are LGBT friendly”.
  5. Establish boundaries and preface with “are you?”
  6. If you are 100% female operated, list that.
  7. In your gallery, every 4 photos should be a diversity photo.
  8. Remain consistent with your message.

These were 8 HUGE takeaways from this incredible presentation. To find out more about Jenna Avery, visit her website at https://creatrixphotography.com/

What transportation will you choose for your grand departure?

Your amazing day has now come to an end, how are you going to leave? Every couple has a different fantasy when it comes to their departure. Will you select an antique car, classy limo, a hippie Volkswagon bus (yes, in Austin, we still keep it weird), a boat or perhaps using your own feet to get to your honeymoon night destination? There are so many options for you to select to complete the final detail of your wedding day! and do remember, it is TOTALLY acceptable to depart with some firework fanfare!

Covid Wedding- ATX Style

Always a GREAT DAY to see professional photos from a wedding. Krystal and Mason were supposed to be at the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center on September 5th, but the pandemic thought otherwise.

After months of planning and weeks before the wedding, a pivot had to happen. The pivot might not been ideally what they envisioned for their wedding day BUT the love, laughter and marriage were most likely more memorable! Congratulations Krystal & Mason. It was such a pleasure to be part of your amazing day. Photography by Bells and Whistles Photography

PS The best part, we get to work with them on September 4, 2021 for the anniversary party!