Status of Events in Texas: Well Sort Of.

The past 8 weeks of quarantine have been unprecedented for everyone. There have been many sad, frustrated and hollow conversations that answers cannot be provided for. I have been taking this time to listen to webinars and attend zoom calls with industry professionals. As much as our job requires us to provide answers to our clients, we simply are just able to gather as much as we can and provide the best guidance as possible with that information. This is definitely the time that I wish there was a clear and definite answer.  Unfortunately, as we all know, the information is changing daily. I do feel confident that the members of this industry are working hard daily to help each other out. We definitely are better when working together.

I absolutely appreciate that there are much bigger things happening in this world which my heart goes out to, however, a special place in my heart will go out to the couples who have been affected. What should have been a wonderful and exciting time, found itself with sadness and uncertainty. Yes, every bride deserves a collective cry and/or scream.

Another special part of my heart goes out to my fellow small businesses and their owners affected by this. We are finding out right now that we need to dig deeper in a much different way then we have had to do in the past to stay with our passion of this industry. We are stronger when we are together and we will come out stronger when this is over. We surely have come to the understanding that events will have a ‘new normal’ when normal resumes. There will be a new set of policies to learn about and we will do it to ensure the safety of all the guests and employees who make weddings and events happen. We will reach levels of success by providing patience, grace, determination and education to ourselves and our staff while not sacrificing the utmost level of service to our clients. This will definitely be a marathon and not a sprint.

Below is a list of the Texas government requirements to date (and as mentioned they will most likely change). If you have anything you would like to add, feel free to do so.





May the 4th be with you!

This might be one of my favorite days to post an extremely appropriate wedding photo. When Sara Pfertner and Alex Vaky wanted to get married on May 4th, I thought, oh how wonderful a beautiful outdoor wedding that does not conflict with Mother’s Day, UT Graduation or any festivals that might be happening in Austin. As avid Star Wars fans, I appreciated that they allowed me to reach out to Darth Vader and have him and his friends escort him into the reception. Some brides might feel that is not cool, but not these two. The guests were in awe and the atmosphere in the room was electric. It truly will be a day that I will not forget other than everyone eating the life size R2-D2 cake made by her mom Janette. Clients who allow you to think outside the box are always appreciated. Sara was the 3rd family member of the Pfertner family to get married that we had the honor of working for. Relationships like this make life better! So from our office to yours, May the 4th be with you!

Why do clients need to pay for vendor meals to eat at events?

I always find it interesting when a client asks me this question. It is most often because I know that at my husband’s corporate office, the employees bring their own lunch unless it is a special event (to which a big deal is made). If they find that they will not be in their office over lunch time, they figure out a way to make themselves fat and happy. Now, don’t get me wrong when I say “who would not like to have an amazing dinner” and not pay for it. Just look at the photos below for a little bit of heaven.  I know that I am quite capable of bringing my own breakfast, lunch and dinner to an event and have done in the past.

What I find most interesting is that it is written into contracts. I find myself at a loss to explain to the client that “Oh,  you have to purchase 10 vendor meals in addition to your guest count”. Then, I have to itemize out who those people are. Then, the next question to arise is ” If that person is only going to be there from 5-11pm, can’t they eat before or bring their dinner with them?” It is truly a logical statement. It really is. The conversation then will lead into ” And I have to  greenroom needs to have bottle temp water, gardenias, 2 gluten free, 2 dairy free and 6 carnivore only plates for the cavemen in our group. So, NOW, we are accommodating everyone’s dietary issues (medical or just perhaps the fad of the year)?”. My response then reverts back to “Yes, it is in the contract. We can select another vendor if you would like to do so”. That goes down another rabbit hole of hell if we do that.

After all these years, I understand that the industry has come to this. I have appreciated that caterers offer a lesser per head price (and I know vendors need to appreciate the dreaded boxed lunch), but I feel we can do better. Perhaps we can reevaluate the time we are there, or be aware of the meal requests we have, or the caterer could be a bit more creative with the vendor meal selection. I don’t really know where to go with it, but I do know the conversations with the clients never change. As vendors, we might be a bit more cognizant of everyone’s role and how we can do better.

Wedding Pet Peeves.. What is Yours?

Wedding Pet Peeve: Something that a particular person finds especially annoying at a wedding….

Mine: Buffet Lines. Guests come to a wedding all dressed up, eye lashes that have applied and reapplied 4 times, Spanx sucking in every part of their body, wearing amazing matching shoes that allow their toes to go numb and they are requested to go stand in line to get food like an elementary cafeteria line. Although some vendors feel by dismissing table by table works, we all know that works for the first 5 tables. Then, it is a mad rush to get in line. My grand mother referred to it as the “Piggies going to the trough”. We all know that guests who come to a wedding have not eaten in 10 days. A great alternative to a plated dinner (because a bridal couple feels this is too “stuffy” and there is “not enough food”) is family style. Let these women sit uncomfortably in peace while shoveling the amazing food into their mouths:)

What is your pet peeve as a guest or a vendor who works at a wedding? Time to share!

FYI- This was an actual photo from a wedding I attended and the food was served family style. These shoes were the spawn of Satan. I actually had to keep shifting the weight of my body because they were that painful:) I did change into cowboy boots when I realized my two daughters were much smarter than I was. Painful memory captured by Geoff Duncan

Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 12.06.41 PM